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Guess what else is growing at our place + Easter leftovers and what I did with all that Pesto!

11:35 AM

This is going to essentially be a photo entry.  Our yard is green and suddenly full of sweet violets and flowering bittercress

I've been teaching the girls to eat flowers out of the yard.  It's been fun, and educational... and it keeps some of the bittercress from going to seed. 

These are some photos from the yard, and here's what I've been doing with the plants I've been harvesting:

Easter dinner with violets and bittercress flowers
Asparagus on the grill with oil, salt, pepper, and oniongrass

Beautiful Ham and crackers

Garlic Mustard/Oniongrass pesto over Wholewheat pasta 
with green beans and grape tomatoes... and Easter Eggs on top (they're pink from natural beet dye)

And sliced russet potatoes on the grill done 2 ways:  With Pesto, and with salt, pepper, olive oil, and chopped Onion grass


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