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Pickled Whole Cabbage Leaves : Amazing Stuffed Cabbage On Deck!

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While I was poking around online about a month ago I came across a technique that you can use to pickle (Lacto-Ferment) whole cabbages... several at a time, if you have a huge enough container.  Well... it's a long and tedious process and involves skimming and smelling fermenting cabbage (sulfur) in your house for weeks on end.  Uhh... no thanks.   But, my curiosity was piqued because I really REALLY wanted to try fermented whole leaves to make a variation of my classic Galumpki recipe that I shared on here a little while back. 

So, why not try rolled-up whole leaves in my usual mason jars???  That's exactly what I did and I'm never looking back to the full-head option again!

Pickled Whole Cabbage Leaves (for making cabbage rolls)
 1 head of cabbage (remove the outermost 12 leaves)
3 inches of horseradish root, cut into matchsticks
caraway seeds
3 tbsp kosher salt
1 quart water

Remove the outer 12-15 leaves of cabbage from the head.  Reserve the rest of the head for use in other recipes.  

Rub each individual leaf with kosher salt and then roll them each into loose cigar shapes. 

Pack the little cigars tightly into a quart-sized jar along with the horseradish matchsticks and caraway seeds. 

Allow cabbage to sit out at room temperature for 24 hours to start generating it's own brine.  After 24 hours has passed, mix together 2 tbsp kosher salt to 1 quart water, and then top off your jar with brine.  Allow to ferment at room temperature for 6 weeks.

Use to make cabbage rolls! 

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