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My first book has been published!

12:26 PM

Yeah, I know it's been quiet around here.   But I have a VERY good reason for this.  My first book, "Modified:  Projects and Recipes to Bring Dairy-Free Seasonal Magic to the Kitchen" is now officially published and available for purchase

It will also be available through Amazon in a couple of days!

I'm incredibly excited to have my book out there in the world, but I'm also really excited to have some time and energy freed up to invest in my projects, artwork, photography, KIDS, and this blog. 

I have some gorgeous ideas in store for the look of the blog for this season and am thrilled to announce that I'll be focusing on "Kids in the Kitchen : A Young Family of 4 With a Full CSA Share".   I'll be experimenting with how exactly to use up all the fantastic produce we are provided with weekly and highlighting the more interesting ingredients in dairy-free recipes.  I also plan to dedicate some time to a candid weekly discussion regarding how I am getting my kids to identify, help prepare, and actually eat farm fresh veggies.

There will definitely be plenty of cooking, fermenting, and foraging to write about and I can not wait for this harvest season to begin!!

In the mean time, keep an eye out for updates to the blog, some miscellaneous recipes and ongoing fermentation projects, and SPRING!   HAPPY SPRING EVERYONE!!!

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