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oh look, it's multiple food sensitivities or " I'll pass on the corn, thanks"

12:02 PM

What could be more challenging than a life-threatening food allergy?  How about multiple food sensitivities.

In addition to my dairy allergy, I have a sensitivity to corn.  What do I mean by a "sensitivity"?... well large amounts cause severe GI distress and processed (HFCS) in any amount causes such spikes in my bloodsugar that I was diagnosed with gestational diabetes during my last pregnancy.

I know, I know.  Whole foods.  Make your own stuff.  Eat clean, you don't want that crap anyway.

You're right.  But.   Let me introduce you to a beautiful little website created by a woman who has a legit corn allergy.

Here is a list of all the things derived from corn.  Holy Shit.

 You'd have to live in a bubble.   I would love to hear from someone with a corn allergy.  I want to know whether they react to the trace/processed amounts in these things, and whether it's a contact allergy on their skin.

And let me add something else:  I DID try to avoid everything on this list for a while.  I felt... in control.  But also completely disconnected.  I couldn't eat out. ever.  I couldn't have anything made with iodized salt.  I couldn't eat at my friends and family's houses without feeling "poisoned".  I didn't even take my rescue inhaler  when my asthma flared b/c the propellant was corn-based!

And then, after my system had some downtime, I was able to add a bit back in.  Occasionally and never in large amounts.

Such limitations endured over long periods of time have severe psychological and social implications.  Perhaps everything in moderation is a better mantra. 

But I'll still pass on the popcorn and soda.

Also, as an interesting little sidenote:  The entire idea behind subsidizing and putting corn into EVERYTHING was thought up with by people who were seeking to end the high rate of hunger in the United States.  It worked.  I actually have to give them props for that.  As everyone is ripping the system down for causing the obesity epidemic in the U.S.A...  many, many less people are going hungry.

It's just time for some nutrition education.

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  1. I have a corn allergy...used to be I couldn't even walk into Target (with the corn popping at the food counter) without feeling sick or my eyes burning. Forget a movie theater! I had some alternative treatments done over the spring/summer last year and it helped a TON. I'm not able to tolerate straight corn or corn syrup, but in small amounts I can tolerate derivatives and corn starch. If I'm having a high allergic load day I can't tolerate them well, but at least it's not incapacitating!


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