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Sometimes MORE is more! The dandelions have arrived!!

1:14 PM

I have to admit, the sunny warm days over the last couple of weeks have made me manic.  Like the kind of manic where you can't stop moving and doing even to sleep.  So, I channelled the energy, had a fantastic birthday, Mother's day, and visit with my brother and his wife, and concentrated on the abundance of dandelions that have finally sprung up all around us!    I already wrote an entry on the how-to of Dandelion Wine making when I excitedly realized the 2013 batch was ready to try back in March during a late season snowstorm.  But I've been so preoccupied with dandelions lately I'm feeling the need to share a mostly picture entry documenting the creation of my 2014 batch of wine!

Spring has finally Sprung!

There are SO many Dandelions this year and the girls love to pick!

My helpers!

Filled up the under-seat compartment... pink wagons are SUPER handy...

6 cups of dandelion petals... my fingers were numb at this point!

Dandelion must at the bottom of our 5 gallon food grade bucket (it ended up being about 1 gallon of liquid/petals/other ingredients).  The bucket was then covered loosely with aluminium foil and left to ferment for 3 days...

Today I strained the liquid and racked it into a 2 gallon fermenting vessel with an airlock on the top.   It will be ready to bottle in about 3 months!

This has been so much fun! One of my very favorite hobbies!

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