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Super-Easy Probiotic Pickled Beets

9:56 AM

I wrote about how we had gotten some beets with our CSA share last week.  Well, I cooked the greens a while back but the roots still remained.  I have a recipe for  Refrigerator Pickled Beets that I really LOVE which involves cooking the beets first and then pickling them in vinegar.

This time I decided to try getting a little probiotic goodness in there as well.

Traditional Pickled Beets
1 bunch beets, peeled and sliced
1 mild onion, sliced
 fresh thyme (optional)

2 Tbsp Kosher Salt
1 quart water

Put your beets and onions and thyme into wide-mouthed pint jars, leaving a bit of room on the top.

Mix your brine in a quart mason jar.  Top off the jars full of beets with brine.  Hold down veggies under brine using bamboo scewers or weights. 

Allow to ferment at room temperature for 5-7 days burping as needed., When your desired flavor is achieved,transfer to the refrigerator.   ENJOY!!

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