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Salad, anyone??? Dairy-free, Corn-free, Vegan Salads that KIDS EAT!

10:42 AM

On Black Friday, I'd been cooking for the last 2 days straight and eating nothing but butter and sugar. The kids were both cranky and had colds and I didn't feel like doing just about aaaanything for dinner.  But, we had planned for this ahead of time. It's time for dinner salads!  And, yes, my kids eat them!
Kid Salad:

 Adult salad: 
Start with a bed of baby greens.  I used spinach here, but asian greens or spring greens would be yummy too.  Then arrange your toppings of choice.  I have marinated tofu  (or, Toe-food as my 3-year-old calls it) for protein with pickled beets, apple slices, carrots, mandarin oranges,and Chinese noodles (careful with these for those w/ corn allergies... check your labels!). 

You can either use the Brown Mustard Balsamic Vinagrette listed here,  or do a variation using Cranberry Sauce  in place of brown mustard.

I'll admit, we had pumpkin pie for dessert... but if you're trying to be REALLY GOOD, and not eat all the pie in the house all at once, this is great with super-easy bread and butter on the side.  And some Ginger Tea to drink.

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