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Ukrainian Beet Soup (Borscht), because I'm on a Ukrainian kick...

12:17 PM

If the Galumpki weren't enough to satisfy your craving for Ukrainian fare, how about a nice big pot of Borscht?   This recipe is amazing.  It was one that I DID get directly from Grandma... and then modified from the version she gave me because I'm certain she gave me the wrong measurement for the amount of vinegar to add...  ever notice how people who love and closely guard their traditional recipes tend to do that?? ;-)

The bright color and hearty, unique flavor are going to bring us right on up and out of the end of this ridiculously cold January... on towards the glorious colors of February/ Valentines day!  Love me some beets!

Ukrainian Beet Soup (Borscht)
2 quarts water
1 onion, sliced
3/4 cup apple cider vinegar
2 servings (4 or 5) pork country ribs
1 bunch beets (with greens!)
Sea salt to taste 

Combine all ingredients, except for beets, in a large pot and bring to a boil.  

Reduce to medium and stirring often, cook until the pork becomes fork-tender. Remove the bones from the pork and return the meat to the pot. 

 Add precut beet roots and cook 30-45 minutes. 

 Add cut beet tops and greens and cook at least 10 more minutes.

Enjoy with marble rye, or pumpernickel bread.

* better the next day*


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